Pulse Lighting and 44 Designs announced an exclusive collaboration today.

44 Design’s tech crew has installed a 35’x13’ 4.8mm LED video wall with a pixel space
of 2288×832 at Pulse Lighting’s main performance facility.

Featuring a festival-style lighting rig, a separate control room for crew, artist hospitality
areas, high-speed internet, and docks for easy load in, the performance space is
available for artists and bands to film content and video in a safe, closed environment.

“As the music industry shifts focus to streaming, production design remains an essential
part of creating atmosphere and captivating audiences, wherever they may be
watching,” says Paul Hoffman, President of Pulse Lighting.

“By adding 44 Design’s video wall, we can now offer our clients more options and value
in design and production,” he added. “The LED wall makes it possible to create multiple
looks, quickly and effortlessly.”

According to 44 Design’s President Jeff Lavallee, “COVID has changed the way our
industry worksnow that large, live events and shows are not being produced, it’s up to
creatives and artists to discover new ways to connect with fans and new audiences

“We had the wall but nowhere suitable to permanently set it up for our clients to use,” he
continues. “We’ve known Paul and Preston for years, and it occurred to us that we
could be onto something by putting our gear into their awesome space. Our industry is
tight and we are all riding this out together, so it’s truly a win/win situation.”

Clients may provide their own audio and video teams or select from a wide range of
preferred vendors. Offering true flexibility, the sales team works with each client to
assemble the perfect streaming package to suit their production needs and budget, no
matter how big or small.

With health and safety in mind, Pulse Lighting follows strict safety protocols for all staff
and guests. Only essential participants and crew attend sessions, and all receive a
temperature check upon entry. The on-site crew wears protective covering, observes
physical distancing, and maintains a thorough cleaning schedule throughout the day.
Antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, masks, and gloves are supplied
on site.

The performance space is available for reservation seven days a week, day or night.

Please contact the Pulse Lighting sales team at sales@ConcertLighting.com for more
information or to schedule a tour of the facility.