Crop’s On Air Studio
On Air Studio's Versatile Room. Lighting by Pulse Lighting.

On Air Studio’s Versatile Room. Lighting by Pulse Lighting.

In early 2015, Pulse Lighting designed and installed a permanent lighting system for Crop’s On Air Studio, a state-of-the-art, multi-function, river-front facility located in the heart of developing Cleveland Flats.

Pulse Lighting met the challenge of designing a system to seamlessly blend On Air Studio’s three different functions: live music venue, general event space, and recording/TV studio. Pulse delivered success by combining all three elements into one lighting system with zero compromise.

Utilizing equipment from the best manufacturers in the intelligent lighting industry and a customized-rigging plan, Pulse created a truly unique design, not only to meet the functional needs of the project, but also to blend with the architecture of the space and instantly transform it.

The On Air Studio lighting inventory utilizes 24 static and 22 moving-head LED fixtures, as well as a user friendly console and control solution. The Pulse team carefully selected inventory to provide a comfortable and film-ready space with the ability to transform into a high energy live music venue at a moment’s notice.

The system’s other features include the following:

Infrastructure:  Though a comparatively smaller venue in size, the On Air Studio installation design covers all needed infrastructure to accommodate large-scale touring shows.

Unobtrusiveness:  The lighting system’s infrastructure blends into the room’s architecture, so, in most cases, only the output is visible.

Versatility:  The unique rigging system within On Air Studio allows the room to function as a multi-use indoor facility; and, by pushing the stage outside through folding-glass doors behind the stage area, it transforms into an outdoor performance space—all without the need to alter or re-position lighting equipment.

Andrew Smith

Project completed in 2015