Del Fest

The Del McCoury Band featuring Dan Auerbach at the 10th Annual Del Fest | ©2017 Brady Cooling Photography

For the 10th anniversary of Del Fest, Pulse created a classic tungsten look using the latest technology to accommodate the various bands and genres. With ladders to add dimension, the design achieved a multi-layered effect while keeping the floor mostly free of gear.

For site lighting, Pulse converted the Mountain Fog logo into a gobo and projected it with two Robe BMFL Spots across the fairgrounds and the Potomac River onto a rock wall in neighboring West Virginia. Shining brightly enough to be seen even at midday, the projection was eye candy for fans and performers alike.

Mikey Cummings
Lighting Designer 

Pulse Lighting
Equipment Provider

Client since 2014

Photo by Brady Cooling.